Accenture – Software Engineering Sr. Analyst

• Developed modules and projects for ve e-commerce websites with Agile
• Senior Developer in new user interface and new features for
• Analyzed and prepare documentation for ve project development
• Managed projects and developers as Team Lead on Accenture İzmir D.C.
• Prepared reports about team and project as Team Leader
• Responsible for developing connectors working with Oracle IDM and other applications
• Developed analytics tool for IDM using Java programming language about analyze Oracle Identity Management System users and other applications users difference reports
• Configured applications on Oracle IDM
• Responsible for migrating Allianz insurance system from Oracle forms to ADF
• Transformed Oracle forms triggers to Stored Procedures
• Integrated Stored Procedures to ADF project
• Responsible for developing new Fast Quote module for Allianz Oneweb CMS
• Used Maven, Jenkins, AngularJS, Html, Css
• Responsible for leading and training team members about Oneweb technologies and configurations

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